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This is a cuff for a larger wrist. It is constructed with sterling silver square wire and a dark green Turquoise cabachon. The total measurement is 7 1/4" with a 1 1/4" gap.Please read the following section on cuff sizing as measurements are critical in determining whether this is the correct size for you.worn. 

Dark Green Turquoise Cuff

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Items ship within 48 hours of receipt of order. In case of delay, you will be notified.

    Shipping is $10.20. Our items are delicate and one of a kind, therefore we ship in carefully packed USPS Priority boxes with tracking in order to protect your purchase. We currently only offer domestic shipping.

  • To measure your wrist for the correct size cuff, first measure the circumference of your wrist with a cloth tape measure or a string cut to the measurement and laid against a ruler. Next, with your thumb pointing up, measure the width of the side of your wrist. For instance, you may see measurements of 6 ¾” for the circumference and 1 ½” for the side of your wrist.  The side measurement is very important as it tells you the minimum gap needed to comfortably slide the cuff on and also to keep the cuff secure while being

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