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This bracelet is made with Larvikite, Freshwater Pearls, and Garnet.  Larvikite is also known as Black Moonstone and Black Labradorite.  The Freshwater Pearls are frosted with a beautiful silvery color.  The Garnet beads are a delicate sized 2mm and are faceted. A pewter toggle clasp serves as the closure.  This bracelet is being offered in two lengths.  The length of these bracelets has been measured from the edge of the round end of the toggle to the bar of the toggle and is the usable length.  To determine which length best fits your wrist, measure your wrist around the widest part of the wrist bone and add 1/2" to 1" to allow for a nice drape to the bracelet.  Or, you can simply cut a string or length of ribbon the length of the bracelet, put it around your wrist, and visualize which length pleases you most.  This bracelet matches the Freshwater Pearl, Larvakite, and Garnet necklace and Freshwater Pearl and Garnet earrings offered in our shop.

Larvikite, Freshwater Pearl, and Garnet Strand Bracelet, Black Labradorite Brace

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